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Wonton Wrapper Apple Pie Filling

  • September 13, 2011 5:21 pm
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Wonton Wrapper Fillings Recipes | Yummly

Caramel topping, apple pie filling, wonton wrappers, vanilla ice cream, toasted pecans… Full page

Wonton Apple Turnovers – Gazing In

Tiny, tasty and way too easy too make! Wonton Apple Turnovers. Ingredients: 12 wonton wrappers; 4 Tbsp apple pie filling (used Trader Joe's brand)… Original website

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How To Make Mini Apple Pie Wontons: 8 Steps (with Pictures)

Apple pies don't necessarily need to be made with a traditional pie crust or graham cracker crust. This apple pie version using wonton wrappers can be made in a… Read full version

APPLE JACKS…uses Wonton Wrappers & Pie Filling! | Other Snack

APPLE JACKS…uses Wonton Wrappers & Pie filling! – Another recipe filed away in my apple folder.. It must be over 1 inch thick! The folder I mean.. not the Apple Jacks!… Read original text

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Apple Wontons – Home Canning Products, Recipes, Ideas, And More

Apple Wontons. Ingredients: 1 pint apple pie filling 1 package wonton wrappers (30 wrappers) 1 1/4 tsp apple pie spice blend Egg wash (optional) Peanut oil* for frying… Find source webpage

Apple Wrapper Pie Recipes | Yummly

Toasted pecans, wonton wrappers, apple pie filling, caramel topping, vanilla ice cream… Original website

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Easy Apple Pie Wontons And Peach Chutney | Recipe From FatFree

And the apple pie wontons were great-with one problem. As they cook, the wonton wrappers expand and the apples contract … of empty space inside and not enough fillingRead it here

Cooks.com – Recipes – Wonton Filling

Wrap a teaspoon of the filling in Wonton wrapper. Set aside. Make … chopped spring onions. … PERFECT APPLE PIESource website

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Mini Apple Pies| GreenLiteBites

Could I use won ton wrappers as crusts for mini apple pies? Well, I'm … love this as a pie filling…not as huge of a fan of the wonton wrapper part, but, def healthier… Link to original webpage

What Are Some Great Ideas To Fill Baked Wonton Wrappers With

These make wonderful deserts when you fill them with chopped apple … Fold bottom third of wonton wrapper over filling, then bring top over and pinch edges to… Find full detail

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Cooks.com – Recipes – Filling For Wonton Wrappers

Brush top corner … of wonton wrapper over filling to opposite corner, forming … 2 or 3 times … PERFECT APPLE PIEFind source site

Apple Pie Wontons Recipe – Calorie Count – Calorie Counter | Free

Based on Hungry Girl's apple pie-lets http://www … Lay out eight wrappers. Trace the edge of each … Repeat wonton prep and filling process until you're out of fillingOriginal page

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Apple Pie Baked Dumplings (wontons)

These come out with freshly baked apple pie filling in the center, and an amazing crunchy wonton with a hint … 20-24 Wonton Wrappers; Water (to seal the wonton wrappers) Sugar… Read source writing

The Bite Me Kitchen: Ph Tai & Apple Pie Wonton Dessert [Daring

Some kind of dessert wonton. I chose to take a twist on Apple Pie and Vanilla Ice Cream by filling my … cut out rounds from wonton wrappers; Spoon small amount of fillingLink to full detail

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My Kind Of Cooking: Recipe: Pumpkin Pie Wontons

On each wonton wrapper place, 1 tablespoon pumpkin pie filling in the center. … Recipe: Apple Stuffing; Name Brand or Store Brand… Find full writing


  1. jennimiluzJ162 says:

    Miii hermosaa luuuzzzZ!!!!!! La quiero muchoo! Que dios bendiga sus pasos y los caminos a donde pise siempre de PIE la amoooooo

  2. AdamTodd310389 says:

    favourite pie filling? x — Can’t go wrong with apple! x http://t.co/OuXtd7Nx

  3. brooklynnrose says:

    Tip: For an apple pie filling that won’t shrink, cook the apples first.

  4. SamuelAAdams says:

    Ps. We JUST added Apple Pie a la Mode to the case. Vanilla Creme fraiche w homemade apple pie filling! http://t.co/7PJXX5U0

  5. maggim says:

    Continuing the theme: bourbon & vanilla bean caramel apple pie filling made. Tomorrow: HANDPIES.

  6. vitale_beth says:

    Yum. Tastes like apple pie filling :) also, I’m secretly a toddler. [pic] — http://t.co/K2hPc3Ku

  7. Matt_Conlon says:

    My wife makes these danishes with Pillsbury croissant rolls, and apple pie filling. fantastic!

  8. THEmattcaldwell says:

    Apple pie filling for desse.

  9. RicoDico23 says:

    I’m mad I just got an apple pie with barely any apple filling in it -___________-

  10. ramrod2303 says:

    Laying here, hungry, because let’s face it… apple pie is not a nutritious and filling dinner.

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